The Advantages of Reading Comic Books and Finding Out About what they can give us!

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Published: 01st August 2012
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Comic books are made up of a sequence of cartoons accompanied by dialogue in speech balloons or other text in captions. Theoretically, it is the sequence issue that is important in comics and as a result single panel cartoons, for example, cannot be considered as such a book. You might feel that because comics are a comparatively new medium they are commonly thought of as a less legitimate method of entertainment. Ultimately, we have to disassociate the style of comics from their contents. To put it another way, we need to discontinue associating comics with childish comic characters and super heroes as these are not their only possible subject of interest.

Inexpensive, poor quality and throw-away are expressions frequently used to depict comic books and have seldom been described as fitting reading material for kids. It has been said in the past that boys' comics are thought to promote aggression while girls' comics bring about a particular submissiveness founded on a fixation with things of a domestic nature, and how they look and dress. A few might also state that as a society we do not appreciate visual literacy meaning that any development in reading style to moves us directly from picture books to full text books. Early learning readers depend on pictures whereas good readers use the text alone.

It may be possible that comic books for sale can be used to assist children with learning issues. It's been seen that certain principles in comics may be of benefit to anyone with dyslexia and related educational needs, particularly the left-to-right arrangement of comic panels and the use of plain capital letters, symbols and context to aid comprehension.

Although more study into reading comics plus the effects this may have on children is required, we are able to for now be in agreement on the next 3 points: that children want to read comics; those kids who read comics tend to read new material and there’s very little evidence of harmful effects from reading comics and therefore should be encouraged.

Comics have become obtainable for a range of different ages and in more long-lasting and easy to use formats. The subject matter of comics is getting to be even more comprehensive and goes beyond the customary childish humour and super-heroes. They are also being published by making use of superior quality material regarding contents and layout.

Given that, it will not be astounding to learn that it is now possible to study for a qualification in comics studies. Comic books and graphic novels play a significant role in modern-day art, literature and fashionable culture and it is due to this that the chances are greater than ever for a scholarship in comics. Comics studies course is for one year, which allows for you to explore the genres, variations and history of comics and graphic novels, while also supplying you with the chance to focus on the inventive features of comics production.

Undeniably, this particular course is very very useful to anyone with an interest in the inventive aspect of comics for example writers, artists or both, as it will expand your knowledge to take account of the history of comics and the inventive and literary possibilities of the medium.

So, has your view of comics and graphic novels altered?

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