The Ideal Learning Setting for Children

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Published: 23rd April 2013
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Do not be deceived into believing that after school activities arenít as valuable as regular school day activities as you could not be more wrong. Studies indicate that kids learn some of their most vital skills through after school activities. That is why children who donít take part in any extracurricular activities shall often be slow and less lively.

A learning atmosphere which may be fostered in after school activities needs to be as closely controlled and as practical as that obtained in the school. This is especially true of educational after school classes. This is the best place to teach kids valuable skills such as time management and the setting of goals. Time management is an important skill, although it's not accomplished easily. Kids need to experience the discipline that is needed to complete a task and the pleasure or satisfaction in completing the allotted work in a specific timeframe.

Children look for different things in after class activities. A learning environment must be attractive, colourful and informative. Use graphs, pictures, posters and drawings to brighten up a class. Other resources which often are not readily obtainable in the school should make the classes more exciting. For instance, whilst teaching a biology lesson, allow children to see through a microscope or look at slides of bacteria. This will add to his/her knowledge and also make him/her more enthusiastic about his/her after school classes.

Discipline is an important requisite in after school activities. During fun or sport based activities, it's easy for children to step out of line and cause havoc. While kids should be allowed to have fun, they must be restricted from undesirable behaviour. The best way to impose discipline is to set down the rules at the very beginning. Let the children see what's unacceptable at the very beginning.

Rewards are a very important part of any learning process. The reward could be as simple as a pat on the back or a some other gesture of appreciation. Motivating your children to aim for higher things is very beneficial. By rewarding their accomplishments children tend to be more than happy to persist with their chosen activities. Having contests or sport activities where the kids can demonstrate their proficiency is a reward all of its own.

Children can become bored easily, especially in the case of an academic class. The foremost thrust of an academic subject is to go over that which has been taught in class and to allow children to gain knowledge of it instantly. It is difficult to stimulate the child's concentration a second time, specially when kids are already weary of one bout of exactly the same lesson. It is better to thwart boredom by applying resourceful techniques just like an unplanned lesson on any subject, a slideshow or a quiz. Furthermore you must provide access to educational books for learning that will be entertaining and amusing.

After school activities are getting to be more popular by the day. Mums and Dads want their children to learn more. Children also have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge therefore feed it with sticker and activity books or puzzles and games. During after school classes, it's possible to pay children the personal attention they could do with and satisfy this thirst by means of an assortment of helpful methods.

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